FAQ_Icon Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair sprinklers?

Yes, many other companies offer only landscape services and no sprinkler installation or repair. Teddy’s installs and maintains every aspect of your landscape including sprinklers from start to finish as well as any necessary repairs.

Does Teddy’s only install plants?

No, we install not only plant material but we offer all hardscape services as well like brick pavers walks and patios, retaining walls, and outcropping walls.

Do you offer fertilizing?

Yes, Teddy’s offers a full 6 application fertilization program where you can also add grub control applications, aerating of your lawn and also tree and shrub fertilization.

Does Teddy’s offer snow removal?

Teddy’s is a full commercial snow removal company. We maintain your property from plowing to ice management. We have numerous pieces of equipment from plow trucks to loaders, skid steers and salters.

Do you only install landscapes in Wayne County?

No, we offer complete landscape work In Wayne, Washtenaw & Oakland Counties.