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Nothing finishes off your landscaping and defines your garden spaces like good edging. From stone and wood to plastic or a simple natural-cut edge, there is edging for every budget. Edging does two main things: it separates areas in your yard (preventing grass or plants from going beyond where you want them to) and adds an attractive, finished look to your landscape.

Well-defined gardens and orderly blooms give a lovely, landscaped appearance to any property. With the use of decorative edging, it is easier than ever to create solid boundaries between your lawn and garden and maintain a freshly groomed look at all times. In addition to creating a neat appearance, edging prevents soil and mulch from spilling onto your lawn. It also keeps driveway gravel out of your flower beds and prevents grass from growing into garden areas, reducing the amount of time you need to spend weeding. If you are looking to add both definition and design to your landscape, edging will not only improve how your property looks, it will also reduce the time you spend maintaining it.

Why choose Teddy’s

  • Competitive prices
  • Top materials used such as poly, metal, aluminum, stone, or brick
  • Professional staff of installers
  • Beds shaped into any design to enhance property
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Southeast Michigan company