BedMaintenance_Icon Plant Bed Maintenance


Without proper bed maintenance, weeds can easily grow and take over. The idea of bed maintenance is to prevent unwanted weeds as well as promote growth of plants in the bed. In order to prevent weeds from emerging, sign up for Teddy’s bed maintenance program to keep your landscape weed-free all season. Teddy’s offers bi-weekly or monthly weeding programs to keep the beds looking neat and clean. Also take advantage of a pre-emergent application before the weeds can even begin to grow. Another main aspect of bed maintenance is also a good covering of the soil with some kind of landscape material such as mulch or decorative stone to prevent weed growth. As mulch decomposes it actually adds nutrients to the soil and to plants. Decorative stone adds color and definition to the landscape.

Why choose Teddy’s

  • Competitive pricing
  • Many programs too choose from for your particular needs
  • Account managers to monitor bed maintenance conditions
  • Many crews to maintain bed maintenance upkeep
  • We use hardwood mulches-no pallets to ensure plant vigor and healthy soil
  • Various equipment/products used based on site conditions
  • Southeast Michigan company