DrainTile_Icon Drain Tile Systems


Poor drainage can spell costly repair work for your home’s foundation, basement, patio, or other outdoor areas. Teddy’s provides a full range of services that will solve your drainage problems.

  • Grading: making sure paved and unpaved surfaces slope away from the house, preventing pooling and erosion
  • Retaining walls and outcroppings: engineering the landscape to control erosion and runoff
  • Catch basins: small, below-ground containers that collect runoff
  • Drain tile systems: corrugated (sometimes perforated) pipe that carries water underground from one area to another
  • Dry beds: replacing soil with rock allows water to follow a channel below the surface, moving water to the proper location
  • Rain gardens: rain gardens are a great way to capture runoff while enjoying the beauty of native flowers and grasses. Water can be diverted to the garden with grading, downspouts, or with a drainage system

Why Choose Teddy’s

  • Competitive pricing
  • Certified drainage experts on staff
  • Top quality drainage products used
  • Multiple crews on staff for fast installation
  • Various size equipment for any size project
  • Southeast Michigan company