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Who wants to be stuck inside cooking while everyone else is outside enjoying the sun? With a custom-built outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to choose!
Depending on your space, feature choices, and budget, Teddy’s can design and build you a great entertaining area to bring the party outdoors. Our custom built outdoor kitchens can come in a variety of brick colors and stainless steel features. Including, but not limited to: grills, drawers & cabinets, ice buckets, mini-fridges, a bar & prep surface, coolers, sinks, storage areas, flatscreen TVs, and even a keg & tap! Granite is the favored material for countertops, but there are a variety of options, such as limestone, stamped concrete, slate, etc.

Outdoor kitchens are obviously beneficial to expand your living & entertaining space, but they can add value to your home in a number of ways.
They can save on utility bills by not raising the temperature inside your home and kicking your A/C into overdrive (unlike indoor cooking). Another way is by saving money spent on restaurant meals. Often in the summer, people go to restaurants to enjoy the patio or outdoor spaces. Why go through the fuss when you have your own patio cooking and dining area in your back yard? Lastly, a beautiful outdoor kitchen will increase the market price on your home. Once it is installed, you have an investment you can use and enjoy for many years to come.

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