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If you want to lower your handicap in your golf game, you might need every chance of practice you can schedule in your already hectic day. If you want to practice as often as you want, then here is an idea, why not build a putting green? Owning your own personal putting green affords you the luxury of practicing your short game whenever you desire. If you’re a serious golfer, Teddy’s can create a custom golf green for you with multiple tee shots in various locations around your property for an added challenge. Apart from offering years of enjoyment for you and your entire family, owning a personal putting green is an excellent way to help you practice more often and lower your score without having to drive to the golf range. In addition, a beautiful golf green can significantly increase the value of your property.

Why choose Teddy’s

  • Competitive pricing
  • No green is ever the same
  • Fit the green into the natural environment of your property
  • Virtually maintenance free after installation
  • Custom materials for every project for customers specifications